Fragments. Art and graphic of Yuriy Larin
I.S.Turgenev Library- reading room
Bobrov lane,6, building 1, 2. Moscow 101990
The aim of the exhibition is to remind Moscow population about the outstanding artist, give the visitors chance to submerge into the world of “limit states” that was created by the artist. In the exposition there will be presented a small part of works of the creative legacy of Yuriy Nikolayevich, albums, personal belongings.
04.02 – 16.02.2020
Moscow believes in art!
Exhibition rooms of A.S.Pushkin Museum on Denejniy lane.
The exhibition was organized by the gallery ГРОС-Артt,the Agency ModernArtConsulting, magazine “Nashe Nasledie” together with A.S.Pushkin State Museum. Presented the works of 25 artists from Moscow, performed in various genres and techniques during the last 5 decades and devoted to the Russian capitale.
29.08 – 15.09.2018
The artist Yuriy Larin. Selected works.

Personal exhibition.

Volgograd Mashkov Museum of Fine Arts
The arts and graphics of Yuriy Larin
03.08 – 30.09.2018
The geography of light. The art and graphic of Yuriy Larin
Personal Exhibition
Moscow, Noviy Manej
The arts and graphics of Yuriy Larin
Yuriy Larin. Monolog of a happy person.
Petropavlovskaya fortress, Nevskaya courtina
Retrospective exhibition of an outstanding artist Yuriy Nikolayevich Larin from Moscow (1936-2014) presents around 60 works and 40 watercolors of 1968-2014 years: landscapes, portraits, still-lifes. The exposition is complemented by photos and documentary about the artist.
Exhibition “Yuriy Larin.
The reality of the space lighting”
Art, watercolor.
March, 14 - April, 11
Address: Lipetsk, Jelabov street, 4
Phone 271-282
Exhibition opening:
March, 13, 2014 at 5 PM
Exhibition “Space of Yuriy Larin”
Art. Graphic. From family collection.
Moscow, House of I.S. Ostroukhov
On 28th of January at 6 PM at the house of I.S. Ostroukhov opens the joint exhibition of State Literature Museum and Gallery «GROSSart» called “Space of Yuriy Lаrin”. Art. Graphic. From family collection.
The exhibition is a tribute to the memory of artist who has recently passed away, and introduces the visitors to the number of works that were not on the exhibitions before.